Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wofford College features America in Crisis (June 20-23)

Come hear Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Parks at Wofford College in Chautauqua: America in Crisis (June 20-23)

History will come alive at Wofford during four evenings of Chautauqua performances featuring George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Rosa Parks.Chautauqua: America in Crisis will take place June 20-23 in Leonard Auditorium of Main Building. The event is free and open to the public.

All members of the Wofford community are invited to attend with their families, friends and neighbors.Each performance will begin at 6:30 p.m. with live period-style music in the auditorium.Participants are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner to enjoy on the lawn of Main Building prior to the presentations.

Saturday, June 20 - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Popular World War II-era songs
Sunday, June 21 - George Washington, Music from the Colonial period
Monday, June 22 - Abraham Lincoln, Antebellum and Civil War tunes
Tuesday, June 23- Rosa Parks, African-American spirituals

Chautauqua (pronounced sha-TAW-kwa) is an improvisational theatrical program in which costumed scholar-actors portray historical figures. Each performance is broken into three acts. In the first act, the performer represents a historical figure in the first person. In the second, the performer invites audience questions and answers them in character. In the final act, the performer steps out of character to answer questions that the historical figure could not (or would not!) have been able to answer.For more information, view the Chautauqua Web site ( or contact Charlie Gray, Director of External Relations/Continuing Education at Wofford College (864-597-4186).

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