Thursday, March 27, 2008

Talk 20 @ Hub-Bub

Talk20 Spartanburg invites everyone to be a presenter of YOUR thoughts, YOUR passion, YOUR art, YOUR research, YOUR ideas.
Presenters get 20 images to show – and 20 seconds to talk about each one, no more, no less – in front of an audience that gathers 3 times a year at the Showroom @ Hub-Bub. Topics range from sculpture to the history of punk rock to the history of Spartanburg’s streetcar system. Take a vicarious walk in someone else's shoes, or just gain a fresh perspective at Talk20 Spartanburg.
Talk20 events also are happening in Boston, Chicago and other cities around the world, including Barcelona, Spain.

Spartanburg's event is intended to spur creativity and dialogue while giving people a forum to share a topic of interest they might not otherwise have -- their climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, for instance. Or the experimental aircraft one local man constructs and flies himself. No subject is too offbeat!

For more information, or if you are interested in presenting, email

For general information visit

Welcome to Spartanburg Creative Energy

Welcome to the launch of our blog for Spartanburg: Creative Energy.

This blog will highligh and promote the events of our Creative Energy Partners. To get more information on becoming a partner, click on the tabs on the home page.

Interested? Then e-mail Amanda Ingram at

Bookmark this blog and check it often to find out what is new and happening with Creative Energy! We hope this blog will provide a forum for your creative interests.

We are excited to start this wonderful initiative and invite you all to join in on our journey….thank you!