Friday, June 26, 2009

City Announces Yard Waste Transition

City Announces Yard Waste Transition

Effective July 1, 2009 the City of Spartanburg’s Solid Waste department will make changes to its current garbage/junk and yard waste pick-up procedure.

Garbage and junk - These items will no longer be picked up together. They will be picked up on separate days. Junk consists of any large household items that will NOT fit into your roll cart. If you have more bags than will fit into your roll cart, you will need to request a 2nd roll cart. If you do not wish to request a 2nd roll cart, you will need to carry excess bags of garbage to the county drop off station. Your “junk” will be picked up the day AFTER your normal garbage pick-up day.

Yard Waste – Due to changes at the landfill, all yard waste picked up curbside must be less than six feet long or less than six inches in diameter. Residents will be responsible for transporting anything larger directly to the county landfill. Yard waste must also be placed in separate piles from leaves.

For additional information, please contact Bill Thompson, Solid Waster Manager @ 864-562-2931.

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