Monday, December 14, 2009

The West Main Artists Cooperative

The West Main Artists Cooperative is a non-profit initiative that houses thirty-five artists. Howard Solomon purchased the 20,000 square foot West Main Baptist church a few months back with the notion of giving artists an affordable place to work, providing a diverse group to learn from and forming a catalyst which would both pull the Spartanburg community together with fine art and help revitalize the downtown area. All aspect of the arts is produced here: painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, writing, music, performing arts are in the works, ceramics, jewelry making, and creative thinking in general. Plenty of exhibition space is here to hang, view, and sell work.

This new group cannot wait to work with other local art groups for future projects that will push Spartanburg into that huge art scene like Greenville, Asheville, Columbia and Charlotte have. Great ideas for community functions that focus on the fine arts are on the table now! Never before has Spartanburg had such a diverse collection of artists in one spot. This is a place where people can learn from others and apply that knowledge to her/his work. Each will push another to a new level of clarity that will expand their art. Growth as an artist from a collective seems to be the theme here. Over all, it is a new foundation of creativity where individuals become stronger through their peers.
The artists come from all over the county to unite the town during hard economic times, proving the upstate will rise and usher in a new sense of place for artists to work for years to come.

The co-op has the Main Street Trolley for three months, so getting here will not be a problem during each and every Art Walk.

The Cooperative hopes to see as many new faces as they will the old on December 17th for their first Art Walk. Come explore all mediums of art at 578 West Main Street.

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